About Stimet

Stimet is an international management advisor to foreign and domestic companies.

We leverage our years of experience in product development, manufacturing & marketing to help manager realize a controlled success.


Contract Negotiaions
Government Compliance
Translation Services
Management Training
Media Development
Software Development
App Development
Foreign  Management
Intilectual Protection
Warehouse & Distribution
Shipping Logistics
Market Strategies
Customer Service & Support
Event Coordination



There are times when your organization needs outside expertise to assist in the execution of a business objective. Partnering with Stimet allows your organizations to discover solutions based on a myriad of outside experience and perspective. This can be invaluable in addressing global business challenges.


We provide solutions to new ideas that are difficult to consider without getting outside of an organization.  It's difficult to know what you dont know and more often than not it's terribly expensive when trying to learn this way. The decission to take your company abroad can prove to be the best decission you ever made or the worst. You need experience on your side and this is what we bring.