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China Furniture RIPOFF

The packaging was terrible for shipping furniture all the way from China. We had so much damage because there was only 1/4" of foam to protect all our glass fixtures. It is obvious to anyone that this will never protect the furniture but the factory does not care because they already have their money.

The packaging was not professional. The factory must know that it is not enough to protect for shipping by sea to USA. This is rediculous.

This flimsy piece of foam is all the corner protection that was provided to protect the glass. 9 of our 16 glass panels arrived broken.

They sent two of the same side (arm supports) so we can put this chair together.

The single wall cardboard provides no protection against any damage. None of the packaging has corner protection or any kind of foam barrior protection like you find in furniture from wallmart of Ikea. The cardboard is just cheap single wall cardboard and that is it.

You save some money when you pay for it but when it arrives it is all broken and you have paid for international shipping, import fees, customs inspections and then ground shipping to your address.

The factory does not care. They just blame the shipping comp[any even though they know their packaging was SHIT!!!

We were stupid to buy furniture from China.