About Stimet

Stimet is an international management advisor to foreign and domestic companies.

We leverage our years of experience in product development, manufacturing & marketing to help manager realize a controlled success.


Contract Negotiaions
Government Compliance
Translation Services
Management Training
Media Development
Software Development
App Development
Foreign  Management
Intilectual Protection
Warehouse & Distribution
Shipping Logistics
Market Strategies
Customer Service & Support
Event Coordination



One of the most important advantages that Stimet brings to the table is the resource of people both foreign and domestic that we have come to rely on. The relationships we have developed over the years have become the foundation of what we have to offer.  Nothing in business is very efficient or productive without people you can trust.


Companies can go overseas for sourcing or sales on their own, but the greatest investment a company will make is in developing a network of professionals to rely on. Most things in business can be purchased in short order but to develop a network takes time. We have made the investment of time through our experiences abroad.  This has taken years to cultivate and of everything we have to offer it’s our people that we value most.