About Stimet

Stimet is an international management advisor to foreign and domestic companies.

We leverage our years of experience in product development, manufacturing & marketing throughout the world to help managers achieve a controlled success


Technical Design
Shipping Logistics
Contract Consulting
Government Compliance
Staff Training
Media Development
Software Development
Based in USA and Asia

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The Need For Change

The world is changing and companies are discovering
that if they want to stay compettitve, especially in the
current economy, they need to embrace new market trends or get left behind.

Training For Company Leadership

We take many companies into places they have never been before. This requires more than blind faith. We give our clients the ability to manage from a position of knowledge. We are with them every step of the way.


Helping With New Ideas

Our clients have built very large organizations
in their respective fields but though they are on top of their game today, does not mean they will be tomorrow. In some cases CEO’s and CFO’s need a different perspective to stay on top.